Power Electronics MCQ #20

Power Electronics MCQ #20

Power Electronics MCQ #20 (#201 to #210)

Power Electronics MCQ #20

201) Current flow in a semiconductor depends on?
202) Which of the following diode is used for harmonic generation?
203) Which of the sentence(s) is/are true regarding Schottky barrier diode?
204) 50 Hz frequency feed by full-wave bridge rectifier, ripple frequency of output waveform is?
205) In order of the width of depletion layer for tunnel diode is?
206) Which of the following sentence is Incorrect?
207) Which is not the current controlled device?
208) What is the value of holding current in SCR?
209) Which of the following class of commutation is also known as resonant-pulse commutation?
210) Which of the following class act as natural commutation of thyristor?
Power Electronics MCQ #20
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