Power Electronics MCQ #21

Power Electronics MCQ #21

Power Electronics MCQ #21 (#211 to #220)

Power Electronics MCQ #21

211) Which of the following sentence is Incorrect?
212) Which of the following statement is Incorrect for IGBT?
213) Which of the following method is the turn-on method of thyristor?
214) What is the range of turn-off time of converter grade SCR?
215) The snubber circuit is used for?
216) TRIAC is
217) Which of the sentence is correct for freewheeling diode?
218) A single-phase fully controlled rectifier operates as Inverter when firing angle is?
219) When the thyristor is connected in forward bias but gate pulses are not given, in this condition,
220) If ideal crystal diode is in reversed biased then current flow in the circuit is?
Power Electronics MCQ #21
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