Power Electronics MCQ #22: SCR


Power Electronics MCQ #22 (#221 to #230) SCR MCQ

Silicon Controlled Rectifier SCR MCQ

221) Which of the following rating is required to co-ordinate with the fast-acting fuse for protecting the device during a fault condition?
222) _______ is the minimum value of anode current, below which the SCR stops conducting.
223) The voltage safety factor for thyristor is in the range of
224) Which among the following rating has great importance during the application of SCR for low duty cycle and high current?
225) Generally, the latching current is _____ times that of holding current in the SCR.
226) The value of di/dt rating of the SCR depends upon
227) Which among the following losses take place in the thyristor?
228) The gate power loss is negligible for
229) The thyristor in which turn off time is high; it is called as _____ thyristor.
230) The minimum value of anode current to turn on the SCR is called as
Power Electronics MCQ #22
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