Power Electronics MCQ #23

Power Electronics MCQ #23

Power Electronics MCQ #23 (#231 to #240)

Power Electronics MCQ #23

231) IGBT is a modern power semiconductor device, that combines the characteristics of
232) Which of the following power electronic device can be used for high-frequency switching applications?
233) Turn ON and turn OFF times of transistor depends on
234) UJT is known as
235) During forward blocking state, the SCR has
236) A cycloconverter is a frequency changer from
237) Two thyristors of the same rating and same specifications
238) In a single-phase full-wave regulator, the firing angles in the positive and negative half-cycles are generally
239) What is the advantage of HRC fuses over Rewireable fuses?
240) The operation of BJT is represented by __________ Quadrant.
Power Electronics MCQ #23
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