Power Electronics MCQ #25

Power Electronics MCQ #25 (#256 to #270) (1) (1)

Power Electronics MCQ #25 (#256 to #270)

Power Electronics MCQ #25

256) An SCR is made up of silicon because silicon has __________ than Germanium.
257) In a load commutated DC–DC chopper, the capacitor has a symmetric __________ voltage across itself.
258) The effects of EMI can be reduced by
259) In a 3-phase converter, during the commutation period, overlap time is
260) Under harmonic-free load voltages, Which harmonic is not present in 3-phase VSI?
261) Unipolar modulation is generally used in __________ converters.
262) Single-phase VSI is mainly used in
265) The conduction losses in IGBT is __________ than that of MOSFET.
266) An SCR can be used
267) A single-phase full-bridge inverter can operate in load commutation mode in case, load consist of RLC
268) The form factor for half wave rectified sine wave is __________.
269) A Zener diode has __________ PN junctions.
270) Zener diode is always connected in __________.
Power Electronics MCQ #25
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