Power Electronics MCQ #4 Thyristor

Power Electronics MCQ #4

Power Electronics MCQ #4 Thyristor (41 to 50)

Thyristor MCQ

41) An SCR is considered as a semi-controlled device. Because it can be _____.
42) Thyristors can be turned off by (1) reducing the current below the holding level (2) applying a negative voltage to the anode of the device (3) reducing gate current. From these, the correct statements are
43) The snubber circuit is used in thyristor circuits for
44) For an SCR, DV/DT protection is achieved through
45) During forward blocking state, a thyristor is associated with
46) Once SCR starts conducting a forward current, its gate loses control over anode circuit
47) Carrier frequency gate drive is used for turn-on of a thyristor to reduce
48) The di/dt rating of an SCR specified for its
49) Turn on and turn off times of a transistor depends on
50) The main advantage of IGBT over SCR in power electronics is
Power Electronics MCQ #4 Thyristor
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