Power Electronics MCQ #9

Power electronics mcq #9

Power Electronics MCQ #9 (#91 to #100)

Power Electronics MCQ #9

91) If gate current is increased, the anode-cathode voltage at which SCR closes is
92) A conducting SCR can be operated by reducing ________ to zero.
93) With gate open, a SCR can be turned ON by making supply voltage
94) If firing angle in a SCR rectifier is increased, output is
95) A SCR is a ________ switch.
96) Speed control of induction motor can be affected by varying
97) In a DC motor, if the field coil gets opened, the speed of the motor will
98) Voltage induced in the rotor of the induction motor when it runs at synchronous speed is
99) Chopper control for DC motor provides variation in
100) Snubber circuit is used in SCR to limit the rate of
Power Electronics MCQ #9
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