Power Quality: Definition, Importance, and Affects

Power Quality Definition, Importance, and Affects


Power quality is defined as the quality of electrical power supplied to the user. The definition of power quality is different for different people.

According to IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), power quality is defined as “the concept of powering and grounding sensitive electronic equipment in a manner suitable for the equipment”.

For a customer, it is defined as adequate, uninterrupted power that does not affect the life of appliances and machinery.

For manufacturers, it means the quality and tolerance of voltage and current parameters that are within the range of parameters for which he has manufactured and tested products.

Power quality is the capability of a system to function adequately in its electromagnetic environment without disturbances.

It is a set of limitations in electrical parameters that allows a piece of equipment to function in its intended manner without affecting its performance or its expectancy.

Why Power Quality is Important in Electrical Systems?

The power quality in an electrical system is essential because;

Customers pay the utility for good power quality. If power quality is poor, it breaches the trust of customers.

It increases the losses in the system which reduces efficiency.

It may damage or reduce the life of electrical equipment.

Poor voltage quality and high current with harmonics cause heating and high losses.

It may affect the reliability of the power supply and causes frequent faults, equipment failure, relay operation, etc.

How does Power Quality Affect the Electrical System?

If high harmonics are developed by the load, the rotating machine on the generation side and consumer side get overheated.

Industries like page mills, rolling industries, and textile mills, are more affected as the cost increases as the power is interrupted.

If there are frequent abnormalities, the cost incurred towards the equipment goes high.

Hence, the power quality is the most important quantity in power system networks.

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