Power System MCQ: Generation #1

Electrical Power System MCQ #2 Power Generation

Power System MCQ 1 to 15

Power Generation MCQ #1

1) For a nuclear plant, what is its useful life?
2) In a steam power station, electric power is generated at what power?
3) Which among the following plants have the least operating cost?
4) Utilization factor is the ratio of
5) What is the result of the product of diversity factor and maximum demand?
6) ________ plants have the least operating cost?
7) The generators for the base load plants are usually designed for maximum efficiency around
8) Which of the following power plant is least reliable?
9) The commercial sources of energy are
10) A hydroelectric power station is commonly found in
11) Which of the following method of generating power from sea water is more advantageous?
12) The advantages of hydro power plants
13) What is an enlarged body of water just above the intake and used as a regulating reservoir in hydropower plant
14) Storage requirement can be determined from
15) In a hydroelectric power plant, location of surge tank is near
Power system MCQ #2 Generation
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