Power System MCQ: Transmission #2

Power System MCQ #3 Transmission

Power System MCQ 16 to 30 (Transmission Line)

Transmission line MCQ

16) The sag of transmission line conductor in summer is
17) For a 400kV transmission line, the spacing between phase conductor is around
18) Skin effect depends on
19) The corona is affected by
20) Ferranti effect happens in transmission line when the line is
21) The value of A, B, C and D constants for a short transmission line are respectively
22) Voltage regulation of a transmission line should be ________
23) Range of surge impedance for an underground cable is _____________
24) The main drawback of overhead system over underground system is
25) _________ are used in a cable for the transmission of voltages up to 66 kV?
26) What is the source of heat generation in cables?
27) __________ concept is electrically short, medium and long lines based?
28) The effect of capacitance can be neglected ________?
29) A line of what length can be classified as a medium transmission line?
30) The thickness of insulation layer provided on the conductor, in cables depend on_______.
Power System MCQ #3 Transmission
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