Power System MCQ Transmission #1

Power transmission mcq

Power System MCQ 1 to 15 (Transmission Line)

Power system MCQ 1 to 15

1) What is the value of Inductive reactance in short transmission lines?
2) Power factor can be improved by connecting _________.
3) Which of the following is like equivalent circuit of short transmission line?
4) In a nominal-π method the resistance of line is assumed to be __________
5) Active power and apparent power are respectively represented by _________.
6) The voltage rating of long transmission line is _________
7) Impedance diagram is used for analysis of __________
8) Length of long transmission line is more than ___________
9) Single line diagram of which of the following power system is possible?
10) What happens at receiving end during the Ferranti effect?
11) The most suitable location for the power factor improvement device is
12) What does the annual fixed cost include?
13) Ferranti effect is not a problem for ________
14) _____________ equipment or element can reduce Ferranti effect?
15) Transmission line connects-
Power System MCQ #1 Transmission
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