Power System MCQ: Transmission #10

Transmission line MCQ #10

Power System MCQ: Transmission #10 (#111 to #120)

Transmission MCQ #10

111) In the transmission system, the weight of copper used is proportional to
112) Line efficiency increases for ________ transmission voltages.
113) What is the main drawback of the overhead system over the underground system?
114) What is the main purpose for guy wire?
115) What is the main reason for using the high voltage for long-distance power transmission?
116) By increasing the transmission voltage double of its original value, the same power can be dispatched keeping the line losses _______________.
117) Which among these is not the component of overhead transmission lines?
118) The most ideal material for the overhead conductor is copper. What are the advantages of this?
119) Why is the ACSR conductor used as the replacement or substitute for copper?
120) What is the horizontal spacing between phase conductors of the 132 kV line?
Power System MCQ: Transmission #10
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