Power System MCQ: Transmission #11

Transmission Line MCQ

Power System MCQ: Transmission #11 (#121 to #130)

Transmission MCQ #11

121) For a fixed value of complex power flow in a transmission line having a sending end voltage V, the real power loss will be proportional to
122) For a fault at terminals of the synchronous generator, the fault current is maximum for a
123) Reactance relay is normally preferred for protection against
124) A 100 MVA, 11kV, 3-phase, 50Hz, 8 poles synchronous generator has an inertia constant H=4 seconds. The stored in the rotor of the generator at synchronous speed will be
125) The use of high-speed circuit breakers
126) Bundled conductors are employed to improve the
127) Consider two buses connected by an impedance of (0+j5) Ω. The bus-1 voltage is 100∠30° V, and bus-2 voltage is 100∠0° V. The real and reactive power supplied by bus-1, respectively are
128) A three-phase, 33kV oil circuit breaker is rated 1200 A, 2000 MVA, 3 sec. The symmetrical breaking current is
129) For enhancing the power transmission in a long EHV transmission line, the most preferred method is to connect a
130) Sort the EHV class of voltages:
Power System MCQ: Transmission #11
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