Power System MCQ: Transmission #12

Power System MCQ Transmission 12

Power System MCQ: Transmission line MCQ #12 (#131 to #140)

Transmission MCQ #12

Transmission line is used to connect the generating stations with the load. There are different type of transmission systems develops. In this article, we will see most important objective questions of transmission line.

131) __________ are the conductors, which connect the consumer's terminals to the distribution system.
132) The corona is considerably affected by which quantity of the conductor?
133) The phenomenon qf rise in voltage at the receiving end of the open-circuited or lightly loaded line is called the __________.
134) A booster is a
135) Besides a method of trial and error, which of the following methods is employed for the solution of network problems in the interconnected system?
136) Most of the high voltage transmission lines in India are
137) High voltage transmission lines use
138) Overhead lines generally use
139) In transmission lines the cross-arms are made of __________.
140) Transmission line insulators are made of
Power System MCQ: Transmission #12
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