Power System MCQ: Transmission #3

Transmission MCQ

Power System MCQ: Transmission #3 (#31 to #45)

Transmission MCQ

31) Which of the following is normally open in substations?
32) The voltage regulation of power transformer is ranging from ________.
33) Carrier current equipment is installed in substations for ________.
34) Which of the following is closed after line is disconnected from the supply?
35) Which of the following is closed first for supplying power after repairs or maintenance?
36) Bus-bars are of ________ material.
37) Which of the following material commonly used for manufacturing of insulators?
38) Isolator is designed to open a circuit or live system under ________.
39) Isolator is open _______.
40) Capital cost of outdoor substation is ________ than indoor substation of the same rating.
41) Charging current of transmission line is given by Ic = ________.
42) The skin effect is negligible when supply frequency is less than ________.
43) Which of the following is flows in the lie even when the line is open circuited or supplying no load?
44) If the spacing between the conductor is increased the inductance of the line is _______.
45) GMR is stand for ________.
Electrical Power System MCQ: Transmission #3
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