Power System MCQ: Transmission #5

Power System MCQ_ Transmission #5 (#56 to #66)

Power System MCQ: Transmission #5 (#56 to #65)

Transmission MCQ #5

56) ________ are the conductors, which connect the consumer’s terminals to the distribution.
57) The underground system cannot be operated above
58) Which of the following materials is not used for transmission and distribution of electrical power?
59) Galvanized steel wire is generally used as
60) The corona is considerably affected by which of the following?
61) Which of the following are the constants of the transmission lines?
62) What is a booster?
63) Which of the following methods used for laying of underground cables?
64) The conductors of overhead lines are
65) The material commonly used for insulation in high voltage cable is
Power System MCQ: Transmission #5
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