Power System MCQ: Transmission #6

Power System MCQ_ Transmission #6

Power System MCQ: Transmission #6 (#66 to #75)

Transmission line MCQ

66) The conductivity of aluminum is ________ of copper.
67) The diameter of aluminum is about ________ times the diameter of copper for the same resistance.
68) The copper is not used for transmission conductor due to
69) The sag is greater in aluminum conductor due to
70) What is full form of ACSR?
71) In ACSR, central core of ________ surrounded by a number of ________.
72) The supporting structure of line support possess following properties?
73) Wooden poles are made up of ________.
74) The life of wooden pole is about ________ years.
75) Wooden pole is used up to ________ span length.
Power System MCQ: Transmission #6
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