Power System MCQ: Transmission #7

Power System MCQ #7

Power System MCQ: Transmission #7 (#76 to #85)

Transmission MCQ #7

76) Which of the following parameter(s) is/are considering while designing of any scheme of power transmission line?
77) If transmission voltage is increased then cost of transformer is _________?
78) What is the relation between transmission line voltage and conductor material?
79) Which of the following property is not of conductive material?
80) The electric breakdown strength of dielectric material depends on?
81) Which of the following types of pole is used in long distance transmission line?
82) How many numbers of insulating disc used in 400 kV transmission line?
83) How many numbers of insulating disc used in 132 kV transmission line?
84) What is the meaning of low sag in transmission line?
85) The tendency of A.C. to focus or concentrate near the surface of the conductor is known as?
Power System MCQ: Transmission #7
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