Power System MCQ: Transmission #8

Transmission line MCQ (#86 to #100)

Power System MCQ: Transmission #8 (#86 to #100)

Transmission line MCQ #8

86) Why bundled conductors are used in EHV transmission line?
87) In transmission line, for conductor the aluminum is most commonly used compared to copper because
88) What is skin effect in transmission line?
89) Bundle conductors are used in the transmission lines, the effective capacitance and inductance will respectively.
90) Transmission lines are transposed to reduce
91) In a transmission line, distributed constants are
92) As frequency increases the flux inside the conductor will
93) Apart from the skin effect, the non-uniformity of the current distribution is also caused by
94) Skin effect is more pronounced at
95) The skin effect of conductor will increase when
96) Self GMD is
97) GMR of a solid conductor is
98) If the diameter of conductor is increased
99) Due to proximity effect, the increase in conductor resistance is not negligible in
100) The non-uniformity of current distribution is caused by
Power System MCQ: Transmission #8
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